-Exhibition “OTHER SPACES”

The idea for the exhibition belongs to the curator of the exhibition, Apostolos Kalfopoulos, architect and professor in the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and will be followed by a two-day intensive workshop (March 19-20) with discussions, presentations, on-site visits, actions.

The curator provided original material (photographs, drawings, records, etc.) collected for these 10 heterotopias to a group of 20 participants (10 Greek architects + 10 Greek artists, aged 35) who live and work in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki) and abroad (Belgrade, Chicago, Germany, Vern) using different media (drawing, painting, installations, video, animations, models, dance, performance, speech, sound).
During the workshop two groups of people were formed (1 architect + 1 artist) and each group was assigned one of the ten heterotopias, while the members of the group chose the medium they would work with. The participating groups were asked to suggest in the form of drawings, models, videos, installations, performance, photographs, sounds, maps, charts, texts and sketches, 10 new heterotopias for a city of 2 million inhabitants. The final results are presented in the exhibition.

The curator's intention is to put emphasis on the transverse links among the different approaches, the different fields of interest of the participants and the different heterotopias occupying extremely different areas in the city's space and time. The objective is that individual heterotopias will become contemporary presentations of multiple objects, representations, ideas and practices, while the synthesis of the 10 heterotopias forming the diachronic axis of the exhibition will constitute a new heterotopia, perhaps a future Thessaloniki, surely a dream city whose landscapes that transformed through time may allow it to rediscover its constitutional conditions as a place of freedom for its citizens.

Apostolos Kalfopoulos notes: “The aim of this project is to study this capability of heterotopia "to show and name, depict and convey, reproduce and articulate, mime and signify" in order to determine the ways in which heterotopias manage to create spaces where time, customs and conventions of the dominant culture are, at worse, validated or, at best, annulled".

Curator: Apostolos Kalfopoulos
Participant Architects: Asterios Agkathidis, Vickie Akritidou, Evelyn Gavrilou, Katerina Kotzia, Orestis Pagkalos, Spyros I. Papadimitriou, Fotis Sagonas, Zenovia Toloudi, Korina Filoxenidou, Angelos Floros, Andreas Fragkos
Artists: Lena Athanasopoulou, Nikos Varytimiadis, Vasso Gavaisse, Anastasia Douka, Xenia Themeli, Eleni Kamma, Pavlos Nikolakopoulos, Vasilis Salpistis, Simos Tsakiris, Chrysanthos Christodoulou

Old Ice-Chambers of the Thessaloniki Harbor
12/09 - 11/10 2007
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