A Celestial Odyssey
A Celestial Odyssey

Celestial Radio 1467 AM
Broadcasting for you!
Zöe Walker & Neil Bromwich
Sailing 20 to 27 May
Broadcasting 22 May-24 Sept.

A Celestial Odyssey

An artist project broadcasting a unique radio station from a marvelous sparkling ship.

Visit or borrow ipods from the warehouse C to listen to the radio program.

Exploring the spirit of protest, play and creativity from ancient times to now the celestialnauts search for moments of joy and inspiration in Thessaloniki.
Artists Zoë Walker and Neil Bromwich make work that crosses between the gallery space and the public realm. They use public performance, installation and sculpture as tools through which they invite the audience to protest and dream. In doing so, they employ a playful aesthetic that explores ideas around some of life’s big questions, like the pursuit of happiness and the nature of belief. Celestial Radio is Walker and Bromwich most ambitious work to date shifting from the metaphorical to the actual and back again. A radio station on board a glittering mirror tiled yacht, The Celeste, broadcasts over the airwaves on «AM 1467» and the Internet. The Celeste travels literally across the high seas while conceptually exploring the metaphorical ocean of life’s big questions both cosmic and microscopic. For the first time Celestial Radio has left the shores of the UK making the journey to Thessaloniki, Greece, to broadcast for you. As part of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale Celestial Radio will broadcast a series of specially devised programs in response to the conceptual framework of the Biennale, PRAXIS: Art in Times of Uncertainty

24 May - 27 May
 Main Programme
 Parallel Programme
 Concurrent Programme


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